Sony 索尼大神說:五年內電子書會打敗傳統書店! Sony predicts digital content will overtake print 'within five years'

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Engadget - Sony predicts digital content will overtake print 'within five years'

We can't say if there's an actual rule or not, but we're pretty sure that anyone in the e-reader business has to, at one point, make a prediction about when e-books will overtake actual books, and it looks like Sony has now come through with a big one of its own. That comes courtesy of Sony's Steve Haber, the man responsible for the company's digital reading business division, who says that: "within five years there will be more digital content sold than physical content." Note that he says "digital content," not books, so we can presume that also includes magazines and newspapers, but it's still a fairly ambitious statement nonetheless. What's more, Habar also insists that there is a place for standalone e-readers alongside multi-function devices like the iPad, saying that, "it's just like digital imaging, where you can take pictures with a cellphone - and many people take pictures with cellphones - but if they want the best possible picture they'll use a point-and-shoot camera or a digital SLR."

Sony 的大佬Steve Haber 說:五年內數位化的媒體市場會大於傳統媒體
也就是說,今後Sony 會更加的著重電子書、電子雜誌、數位音樂、數位影片的市場

希望Sony 能推出像以前Aibo 電子狗、Vaio U 系列、Clie 那些有水準有質感的產品

不然像現在的Sony 產品,對Seal 來說都沒有很大的吸引力說...

Sony 加油! Seal 還算是一個不差的Sony 控啦!