Michelle Branch 與知名RB/Hip-Hop製作人Timbaland 合作的新單曲!"Getaway" 好聽!

這幾個月Michelle Branch 的創作,有比較多一點的跡象
這兩個月來在iTunes 網路商店上發布了一首新的單曲,是與知名RB/Hip-Hop製作人Timbaland 合作的!
曲風滿輕鬆娛快的!如果你跟Seal 一樣是Michelle Branch 瘋狂粉絲的話,一起來聽聽看吧!

Michelle Branch - Getaway

Here we go now
dont stop the music

Monday comes like a loaded gun
and I’m trying to escape
Want to run, wanna chase the sun
Let it wash the world away

Looking out on an empty street
Thinking change is what i need
I feel slow, there’s an open road
and I need some sweet release

I I I want to getaway, gotta getaway
Going where the road meets the sky
Cause I need a change

Yeah I need a change
Na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na na

Sleepless nights cause the city lights
Make the moon so hard to see
Take a ride to the other side
Give me room where I can breathe

Shout it out to the breaking dawn
Feel the earth under your feet
Open door what you waiting for
Let the rain come down on me
Na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na na

I I I wanna get away, gotta get away

Freaky freaky here we go now
Dont stop the music


目前居然只有在以下幾個國家的iTunes 線上音樂商店開賣


沒有台灣就算了,怎麼連美國都沒有呀?很支持Michelle 的日本也應該要開賣一下呀?
真怪... 大家一起期禱讓唱片公司更加的注意到Michelle Branch 吧!!